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YOURSAY | ‘Don’t open too many battlefronts. Please focus on stabilising the divided society…’

Harapan will not be a one-term gov’t, vows minister

David Dass: We accept that the situation is complex and tough.

We accept that having 70 percent or more of the Malays not supporting the government is a problem. We accept that it will take time for the effects of good governance to produce the results that will improve the lives of the people, especially the poor.

But Pakatan Harapan has persuaded us that certain reforms were essential to secure democracy and prevent abuse of power. You promised us institutional reforms.

We are concerned that the national narrative is being controlled by the opposition. We are concerned that the opposition really do not feel the need for change to their leadership and reform of their organisations. They continue to deny past wrongdoings and continue to defend past actions and past leaders.

The vision of Harapan that won them the election has become blurred. Leaders have become mute or simply echo the rhetoric of race and religion pushed by the opposition. We cannot continue along this path of racial and religious extremism. Each race cannot go its separate way.

The sight of a person of a different race or religion should not threaten us. We are one nation. We are Malaysians. Why cannot Harapan be more effective in promoting this vision?

Now that we are back on track with China on the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) and Bandar Malaysia, projects, surely we can adjust to the reality of having Chinese and Indians and East Malaysians as our brothers and sisters and commit ourselves to a common vision that works for all.

Educational reform must place everyone on the same track, moving at the same pace. Not a slow track. But a fast track and a fast pace.

Salvage Malaysia: Rakyat didn’t expect miracles overnight. It’s almost a year with no clear directions and strategies on how to grow the economy.

All we hear is just cost cutting but then next, we hear unnecessary projects being mooted – third national car, flying car, Formula 1. All a waste of money.

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Whether Harapan is a one-term government or not is up to the rakyat. If they can give power to Harapan, they can also take it away.

MW: Almost everyone can accept change doesn’t happen overnight, however using that as a mantra to justify everything is not acceptable.

You have had one year to study all the mess being left behind by the previous government; you can no longer give the same excuse that you didn’t know how bad the situation was.

How about coming out with a coherent four-year plan at your first year anniversary, which is a little over two weeks from now, and show the rakyat you mean business?

Lodestar: Unfortunately, I am not as optimistic as Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok. If it is a simple matter of voters being impatient at the slow pace of change, we would see a backlash equally from all races.

However, Harapan has experienced the greatest loss in support from the Malays, which suggests that the Umno-PAS narrative is succeeding, while the much smaller loss in support from non-Malays could well be performance related.

Surveys show that many Malays feel that their race, religion and royalty are under attack. If Harapan does not combat the lies and misinformation of Umno-PAS, it could well be a one-term government.

Headhunter: Ignore the naysayers. Harapan has exactly four more years to prove its worth provided it doesn’t get waylaid by the opposition with petty distractions.

Having said that, you still have a long way to go. Do not deviate too much from your original manifesto because the people voted for you on it. People can forgive if changes come a bit slow but they will not be forgiving if you don’t deliver what you promised.

Be a trustworthy government and go after those who stole from the people. There are still many out there flaunting their stolen loot and getting away with it.

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Anonymous #40538199: Don’t open too many battlefronts. Please focus on stabilising the divided society, containing the rising cost of living and at the same time, find ways to help people increase their earnings.

Once you have your trusted people heading the government machinery, especially the enforcement agencies, then you can go full swing with institutional reforms.

Specialist Batsman: I think it’s highly likely that come GE15, urban voters in Peninsular Malaysia will continue to support Harapan for the simple reason that a political vacuum in opposition has emerged since May 9, 2018.

Instead of working on an effective platform to provide check and balance on Harapan policies and put forward better alternatives to Harapan policies, the opposition is still preoccupied very much with race and religion. In short, there is just no alternative for urban voters.

However, the formation of the convenient coalition between Umno and PAS will certainly shake the already weak support base of Harapan in semi-urban and rural constituencies.

If Cameron Highlands and Semenyih voting pattern continues, Harapan is likely to lose up to 30 seats in these constituencies. That is sufficient to send Harapan to the political wilderness.

In addition, the recent constitutional amendment fiasco by Harapan have no doubt angered many Harapan supporters in Sabah and Sarawak.

To all Harapan lawmakers, our support is by no means unconditional.

Sulaiman Che Long: Excellent timing of your statement, Kok. You and colleagues are working hard and doing fine. Let the strong winds of 3R (race, religion, royalty) blow over.

Now that the China fundamentals have bottomed, in another year, Malaysia should pick up. The world has become a twin superpower with multiple regional powers, and the Malaysian government strategy has seen drastic clarification and consolidation. It is on firm footing.

Improve the economy by all means. Noises are inevitable and a necessary part of democracy. I, for one, am very happy.

Jack n Jill: Indeed, Rome is not built in one day, not even in one year. One term may not even be enough to restore all the damage the BN government had done. But, two terms are the most people will give to Harapan before they change their mind.

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That also depends on whether we have a credible opposition. At present, I don’t see any. Umno and PAS pact is a disaster for the economy.

PAS never had any good track record in managing their state well. Umno is corrupt and I don’t see any competent person to lead, except Khairy Jamaluddin. But one man is not a team.

I think most rational people will not vote for an incompetent and corrupt government that is only interested in protecting race and religion. Race and religion narrative alone will not put food on the table.

My plea to the Harapan government is to focus on bread and butter issues. Ensure everyone has enough food on the table, a shelter over the heads, efficient and affordable transportation to bring people to work and home safely, affordable healthcare and some monies in their pockets for them to enjoy KFC once in a while and for emergency.

People are not asking for much. People just want a government that stop bickering and start working. Please have our interests at heart. Focus on the core.

I believe Harapan will be fine if the few things are done well. I can see they are many challenging issues that Harapan government are working on. I also know many of you are working hard.

Thank you for all the hard work and thank you for listening to my two cents worth of advice.

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