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ARE the police not taught during their training about the danger of words that can cause racial tensions?

The police are the enforcers of the Penal Code which has a whole chapter (Chapter XV) on “Offence relating to religion”. What are they taught about the enforcement of this chapter?

According to former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan, “Zakir is an expert on comparative religion, he was just talking about it. What evidence is there that he is promoting terror?”

May I tell Musa Hassan that one does not need to raise swords or wear military uniforms and carry guns to promote terror? One can look pious in religious garb, learned, and yet promote terrorism! How can the police not know this? Weren’t a few lecturers caught promoting terror activities?

Zakir is not an “expert on comparative religions” as claimed by Musa Hassan.

A true expert in various religions would not berate religions other than his.

Doing all this and more is not academically comparing religions, but doing so with the motive to fire up listeners of his religion; to go on a jihad to “clean” this planet of other religions. Are all these not words instigating his followers to “terrorise” those different from them?

It is spoken and written words that created the IS monsters that could slaughter people.

And our retired IGP is ignorant about the power of words which, as succinctly put by Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz: “Destruction can not only be caused by nuclear bombs but also by the poisoning of minds and by weakening motivation”.

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Berating other religions is insulting their prophets. Why is that not an offence?

Law enforcers must never be swayed by any doctrine and turn a blind eye to “orang kita”.

By the way, what happened to the rowdies in Manjung who trespassed into a convenience store and threatened to break the beer bottles if they were not removed?

Ravinder Singh


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