Govt urged to review fees imposed on businesses


KOTA KINABALU: Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Youth leader Sim Fui has urged the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to review irrelevant policies, especially the various fees imposed on businesses.

He said the government ought to consider loosening certain regulations in view of the current economic slowdown.

“The people hope that the government could provide support or assistance during this challenging economic times so that businesses can survive and consumers are able to purchase cheaper goods.”

Regrettably, Sim said businesses were bound by many irrelevant policies and regulations.

For instance, he said operators in shopping malls who wished to display their products at the atrium not only had to pay management fees, but also to apply for a special permit from Kota Kinabalu City Hall (DBKK) which would cost RM 70 a day.

“If the stalls are to operate for a month at the atrium, the fee for the special permit alone will amount to a considerable sum,” he said in a statement after receiving complaints from shop operators.

As such, Sim hoped that the relevant authority would consider lowering the fee for the special permit.

“Consumers are the ones who suffer if businesses have to bear such unreasonable fees as the cost will ultimately be passed down to them.”

He pointed out that the people have high expectations of the new state government.

“If the government is adamant about implementing policies that are no longer relevant, they will eventually be rejected by the people.”

Sim said it was high time for the elected representatives to show their commitment to serve the rakyat by reviewing irrelevant policies and regulations to improve the livelihood of the people.

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He fervently hoped that the government would look into lowering certain fees imposed on businesses to show their sincerity in helping and supporting businesses and consumers during tough times.

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